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Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Beginner's Buffalo Butcher Box

Introducing the Beginner's Buffalo Butcher Box—the one-stop shop for grill-masters both new and seasoned. Start out strong with these easy-to-grill bison cuts, a thermometer and our handy guide filled with cooking tips.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo & Elk Big Game Butcher's Box

Some of our most popular Buffalo & Elk cuts all in one place! This combo includes 2 incredibly flavorful Buffalo Sirloin Steaks, 1 whole Elk Tenderloin, 3 Buffalo Burgers, 3 Elk Burgers, 1 of our Original Elk Summer Sausages, and one each of our 1.5oz Buffalo and Elk Jerky Sticks.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Elk Big Game Butcher's Box

A freezer's worth of the finest Elk cuts, burgers, sausages and charcuterie, shipped anywhere in America. The Elk Big Game Butcher's Box includes 1 Whole Elk Tenderloin, 2 8oz Elk Sirloin Steaks, 3 fresh ground Elk Burgers, 3 house made Elk Bratwurst sausages, and 1 each of our 8oz Elk Original and Jalapeno and Cheddar Summer Sausages.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Steak Combo

What a fantastic way to stock the freezer! These incredibly flavorful cuts of meat are sure to impress your family and guests at your next dinner party. Aside from tasting good, these meats are tender, juicy, low in fat, low in cholesterol, and high in protein.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Big Game BBQ Box

Is there a greater, more ancient tradition than gathering family and friends and cooking and sharing a nourishing, delicious meal over an open fire? We don't think so, and to honor the great animals that once roamed this continent in vast numbers, and the families that continue to raise them today,
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Big Game Butcher's Box

The very best of our Buffalo, from steaks to jerky, all hand made or cut right here in Jackson Hole! The Buffalo Big Game Butcher's Box includes 2 intensely flavorful 8oz Buffalo Sirloin steaks, 2 steak house classic 8oz Buffalo New York Strip steaks, 3 Buffalo Burgers, 3 Buffalo Bratwurst, 1 8oz Original Buffalo Summer Sausage and 3oz of tender and smoky Buffalo Jerky Sticks.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Elk Meat Combo Pack

3-4 types of Elk Steaks, 2 lbs Burger and our house-made 12 oz Original Elk Summer Sausage in one delicious package.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Gift Card: Physical Version

Who doesn't love a gift card? The physical version of our gift card is perfect for anyone and can be redeemed online or in-store.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo & Elk Snack Sampler

Whatever the celebration, we have an offering of both Buffalo and Elk handmade game meat snacks made by hand, right in Jackson Hole! Great for parties or a unique "thank you" gift. The Buffalo and Elk Snack Sampler features our:
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

The Grand Gift Pack

The perfect gift! 3lbs of Artisan handmade salami and award-winning local white Cheddar cheese. And of course, some cowboy chocolates for dessert!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Summer Sausage Sampler

Charcuterie straight from the Teton mountains! Our Summer Sausages, or semi-dry sausages, are handmade with 100% buffalo or elk, the same way we have been since we started in 1947. Grade A trim is ground and mixed with spices and salts and cooked at low temperatures to achieve the perfect balance between flavor, texture, and shelf life. Excellent with a cold, crisp beer and a creamy, semi-soft cheese, you won't believe how fast these sausages disappear!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Cocktail Hour

This is a perfect assortment for your next social gathering. Add some Artisan house-made Buffalo or Elk Jerky to round out this fine gift assortment.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Jerky Experience

Experience all of Jackson Hole’s jerky products in one amazing package.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Picnic Pack

Perfect mountains, perfect day. Here's your perfect picnic all packed up in a gift box!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Snack Sampler

This gift box showcases the North American Bison in a perfect variety of tasty meat snacks. The Buffalo Snack Sampler has a little of everything, all of which are handmade right here in the Tetons.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Teewinot Gift Pack

A true western Jackson Hole favorite, a great value, and what a wonderful gift.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Family Pack

Here is something for everyone in the family for a nice assortment to offer as a gift.

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