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Elk meat is hard to find for sale outside of specialty shops like ours. We sell elk steaks, sausage, burgers and jerky. The Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company, based in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming, was established in 1947 as the “Jackson Cold Storage Company.”

Stop into our shop in the heart of Jackson, or if you aren’t lucky enough to live here, you can find all of our products, including grass-fed elk meat, in our online store. We offer guaranteed quick, safe shipping, and all of our products are delivered directly to your door in high quality packaging. If you can’t find elk for sale in your area or go out and hunt yourself, shop with us. You’ll be happy you did.

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  • I would like to purchase Elk meat for roasting or steaks

    Sandra Graves
  • I have never had elk or buffalo. Can someone tell me the differences as in the taste of each. I would like to have the one that is less gamy. Also, i know everyone is different, I would like a opinion on which bratwurst to get or Italian sausage.

    Joey Taylor

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