Buffalo Sirloins

Very lean with a deep, rich flavor. These steaks are fantastic and completely trimmed of fat. Available in 4 or 8 Steak Packs, packaged individually in 8oz portions.
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The unsung hero of steaks, the love child of a roast and a filet. Cut from the lower part of the shortloin, home of the T-Bone, tenderloin and NY Strip, the sirloin has a remarkable combo of flavor and texture. We love our seared hot and fast in a cast iron pan, with fresh herbs and butter spooned over the sirloin while it sears!


Available in 6 oz or 8 oz cuts in quantities of 4 or 8. Each steak is packaged individually.

Vendor: Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat
Type: Buffalo Meat
Package: 4-Pack of 6oz steaks, 8-Pack of 6oz Steaks, 4-Pack of 8oz Steaks, 8-Pack of 8oz Steaks
Weight:  24.0 oz