OK Ranch Buffalo Box

These steakhouse centric butcher’s boxes will feature a selection of the most popular cuts of buffalo meat from my very first small herd, raised in the foothills of the Teton range just outside of Jackson Hole. Theses boxes feature a selection of the most beloved steak cuts.

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After years of dreaming and strategizing… 10 months of sweating buckets while the bison roamed and put on weight, growing cagier and wilder every day… Countless sleepless nights of worrying, “Can I really pull it off?”...

I’m so proud to tell you that the meat in these inaugural boxes is of the premium quality you’ve come to expect from Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.

Grass-fed and grain-finished to be lean and incredibly nutritious, with just enough marbling for a beautiful mouthfeel and satisfaction.

The catch? In 2023, I raised just ten bison, so supplies are limited.

These butcher’s boxes include one of each of the following items:

8oz Filet

10 oz NY Strip

10 oz Ribeye

8 oz Sirloin

1 lb ground burger

Jackson Hole's Famous Chancy’s Seasoning Salt

Each box ships for FREE to your doorstep. Love it or your money back.

Note: This free shipping offer will apply automatically for your order at checkout. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts offered by Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.