Thank you for visiting the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company - established in 1947. Please take your time, ask us any questions you may have, and taste the finest Buffalo and Elk meat in the West!

Dan Marino

Where Good & Good For You Meet

3 oz. Cal Fat Chol
Bison 93 1.8g 43mg
Elk 94 1.7g 40mg
Turkey 125 3.0g 59mg
Beef 183 8.7g 55mg
Chicken 140 3.0g 73mg
Fish 125 3.0g 59mg

Our Customers Say

I ordered 3 gift packs, slightly customized, for family and friends back East at Christmas ('09). Well let me tell you that they RAVED about their gifts. Everything was delivered to them as promised. One friend used the box contents to entertain some unexpected guests that were world travelers used to eating the likes of exotic meat. Never had they had buffalo,strange at it may seem. Another box went to a sister in New York City who, unbeknownst to me, frequented a cafe close to her flat for her favorite buffalo steak. When she received the gift box....well she called me while munching on the buffalo salami and feared she might eat the whole thing at one sitting. The 3rd box went to a friend in South Carolina who absolutely loves the Tetons. We took a trip there in 2008 and the meats brought back nothing but wonderful memories for her.

Thank you for your products. They are delicious, and your customized service impeccable.

K. Begalla
Park City, Utah & Evanston, Wyoming

We Accept Visa & MasterCard

We Accept Visa & MasterCard

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company

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Welcome to Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company. Since 1947, we’ve served up the highest quality free-range buffalo meat available anywhere. If you’ve visited the Jackson Hole area, or plan to soon, we hope you come visit our store to share a bite and swap a story. Our gourmet buffalo and elk steaks are hand-cut daily by owner and founder Dan Marino and his staff. So stop in to experience a Jackson Hole buffalo institution and savor the original flavors of the Great American West.

Bring our tradition home to your table today.

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