Big Game Smoker Box

Love to smoke your game meat? This is our new box for smoked meat lovers. It's like Christmas came early and Santa brought what you really want. We custom curated the contents. In short, it's a box for bison lovers who also want to dally with other game: a little elk, a little trout, a little wild boar. There’s nothing like variety to keep your appetite whet and spice things up in the kitchen.

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The Big Game Smoker Box is the perfect way to feed a crowd! This box contains a variety of meat that's perfect for the grill or smoker, along with a couple of our fully-cooked smoked apps to munch on while you're cooking.

The Big Game Smoker Box is also a great option for a gift and will be a hit with any fan of smoked meats.

What's included:

Buffalo tri-tip (2-3lb roast): Strong in flavor, quick to cook and tender

Buffalo smoked roast (8oz, fully cooked): Ready to eat bison eye of round, marinated and smoked like a Virginia Ham

Elk bratwurst (1lb = 3 links): Lean and delicately seasoned in the German style

Full rack buffalo ribs (2-3lb): Primordial meaty flavor with a fraction of the fat

Buffalo ribeye (1 x 16oz): Incredibly tender, wildly flavorful

Smoked trout (5oz, fully cooked): Flaky and moist with a light, smokey flavor

Wild boar Italian sausage (1lb = 3 links): Bold and beautiful with all of your Italian dishes


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