Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company has a rich history that has been captured in the news over the years as tourists and purists have discovered us. Our Meats are world famous and have been featured on National Television, in National Magazines and have won numerous awards. See how others have described us after they tasted the “Pride and Tradition of the Great American West.”

Featured On TV

See Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co-featured on “FOOD FINDS”
~The Food Network

In Print

“If you are trying to avoid too much animal fat but still crave red meat, consider making a buffalo rib roast instead It’s not at all gamy — in fact, it tastes sweeter and cleaner than beef… producers we like: Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company 800-543-6328”
~Gourmet Magazine

“67 Things Worth a Detour, #20; The buffalo jerky at Jackson Hole Buffalo Co. in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.”
~Esquire Magazine

“…the purveyors whose meat we like best … The Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company” BUFFALO PRIME RIB + ORANGE BALSAMIC GLAZE RECIPE BEEF VS. BUFFALO BEEF VS. BUFFALO

Purveyor: Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat, 1.800.543.6328
Observations: For those seeking meat without dietary guilt, Buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than beef or chicken. This Buffalo meat is also ranch raised with no hormones. It makes for a great meal; everyone was impressed with the steaks’ tenderness and flavor (Even the fat is tastier,” said one diner) and most agreed that the taste was largely indistinguishable from that of the beef. Recommended.”
~The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business


Jackson Hole Buffalo was awarded the prestigious “Blue Ribbon Award”, ensuring that the meat sold at our plant meets the highest federal safety standards for meat processing. This recognizes the efforts of Dan Marino and his staff to implement a food safety program that will help to predict potential risks to food safety and prevent them from developing.
~Wyoming Department of Agriculture

We at Splendid Blendeds are bringing a bit of Jackson Hole – a prime tourist spot – to our home here in Florida. Buffalo or American Bison is a fantastic and healthy alternative for the backyard barbecue. By: Chef Richard Lemon
~Boca Raton Del Ray Beach News, “Chef Talk”

The difference is a commitment to providing customers with the best buffalo and elk meat products available…the products are so delicious you’ll soon realize why customers from all over America keep coming back for more! JACKSON HOLE BUFFALO MEAT CO. – EST 1947