Elk Jerky & Summer Sausage

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Rocky Mountain Elk Jerky

This Rocky Mountain Elk Jerky has all the nutritional benefits of Buffalo. Very tender and has a fabulous flavor. 100% Rocky Mountain Elk. Made in Jackson Hole.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Elk Sticks

Made right here in Jackson Hole Wyoming! We use only the finest, all-natural lean 100% ground Elk. Our sticks are seasoned and slow-cooked to achieve a soft and easy-to-chew texture.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Elk Summer Sausage: Original

The Jackson Hole Original classic - Seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. Fully cooked and ready to slice and serve with your favorite cheese and crackers. This salami is 100% Rocky Mountain Elk. Handmade in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What a fantastic appetizer!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Elk Summer Sausage: Jalapeno Cheddar

he perfect snack, just add crackers! Made with cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos and 100% elk, these summer sausages go great with a cold beer or a nice glass of vino!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Jerky Experience

Experience all of Jackson Hole’s jerky products in one amazing package.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo & Elk Snack Sampler

Whatever the celebration, we have an offering of both Buffalo and Elk handmade game meat snacks made by hand, right in Jackson Hole! Great for parties or a unique "thank you" gift. The Buffalo and Elk Snack Sampler features our:
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

The Grand Gift Pack

The perfect gift! 3lbs of Artisan handmade salami and award-winning local white Cheddar cheese. And of course, some cowboy chocolates for dessert!
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Cocktail Hour

This is a perfect assortment for your next social gathering. Add some Artisan house-made Buffalo or Elk Jerky to round out this fine gift assortment.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Jackson Hole Picnic Pack

Perfect mountains, perfect day. Here's your perfect picnic all packed up in a gift box!