At Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company, we support the ranching traditions of the Great American West. We believe in raising animals on the open range, and we work to preserve grasslands for the next generation. Supporting traditional methods of raising buffalo means creating a more sustainable food system – one that provides healthy nutrition while maintaining ecosystems that can continue to provide food for generations to come.


The Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company, based in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming, was established in 1947 as the “Jackson Cold Storage Company”. We’ve seen a lot over the years, but we’ve stuck around because of a simple principle – we put pride into our products. Whether you buy from our online store, or stop into our shop in the heart of Jackson, you’ll get the same great product and friendly service that’s become nothing short of legendary.


For over 70 years we’ve specialized in only the finest 100% Buffalo and Elk meat products. Our Buffalo graze naturally on open range grasslands in a ranch setting. The last 60 days, they are grain finished to increase tenderness and to promote a sweet and rich flavor. Our Buffalo is hand selected and cut to ensure the finest flavor. We carefully package our product using our 3 Step Packaging Process that guarantees freshness from our door to your table.