A Big Winter in the Tetons!

Mar 10, 2023Chris OBlenness

Howdy from the Rockies!!!

As I sit here writing this, Teton County is under a "no unnecessary travel warning" for all roads in the area. It has been quite the winter here in the high Rockies, and let me tell you, we have a ways to go until spring. This last weekend, I make the journey over Teton Pass to visit the O.K. Ranch, our 640 acre soon-to-be bison ranch on the west side of the Tetons in Teton Valley, Idaho. Needless to say, the last few weeks of heavy snowfall have made getting there increasingly difficult. High winds and a lot of snow have created drifts as high as 6 feet in spots, and our 5 1/2 foot bison fencing is more than halfway buried! This is great for the snowpack in the mountains, and for our water situation this summer, as the snow melt and runoff will fill our reservoirs and  rivers, but right now it equates to a lot of plowing and shoveling. As you can see below, it's getting pretty deep!

Although it is almost the first day of Spring (on March 20th), we are basically at mid-winter here. We were hoping to have our well drilled soon, which will provide water for the bison and the garden I hope to plant this summer, but I don't think we will be able to get to the spot to drill before a significant amount of snow melts. Ideally, we will have animals on the ground by May, but Mother Nature and Old Man Winter may have something to say about that. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress, stay tuned for more updates here on the site and on Instagram and Facebook!

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