Grilled Elk Tenderloins with a Berry and Balsamic Reduction

Jul 09, 2024Courtney Johnston

Experience elk meat at its finest and the perfect balance of flavors with our Grilled Elk Tenderloin recipe topped with a Lingonberry Balsamic reduction. This dish combines elk's bold, rich taste with the sweet and tangy notes of lingonberries, creating a unique and unforgettable meal. (Check out the recipe notes for substitutions.) Ideal for a special dinner or an impressive main course, this elk meat recipe showcases the best of wild game cooking. Despite its gourmet appeal, it's simple enough for a quick weeknight meal. Elk tenderloin is a premium cut known for its tender texture and deep, robust flavor. The meat's natural richness is complemented perfectly by a simple yet flavorful rub. The rub, made from garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and thyme, enhances the elk's inherent taste and adds a subtle depth without overpowering it. Garlic powder provides a savory undertone, onion powder a hint of sweetness, paprika lends a slight smokiness, and thyme adds a touch of earthiness.


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