Buffalo Filet the Proper Way!

May 25, 2022Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Admin

Our JHBM Co. Buffalo Filet Mignon is one of our top selling steaks and we often get asked how to properly cook them at home. Here are a few quick cooking tips to help you in the kitchen!

1) Don’t be afraid to be generous with the salt and be sure to use a course ground kosher for cooking and a good flakey sea salt to finish!

2) Tie your buffalo (or elk) Filet Mignon tautly with butchers twine to keep a nice round shape for even cooking and presentation!

3) A cast iron skillet (we love @finexcookware ) lightly oiled with a tsp. of vegetable oil on medium heat will get you that perfect seared crust!

4) Brown all the sides of the steak evenly and then lower the heat to low and add a knob of unsalted butter and a few sprigs of thyme to the skillet to finish cooking your steak to an internal temperature of 128F (medium rare) on an instant read digital thermometer!

5) Let the steak REST! Just a few minutes, preferably 5, will yield a much juicer steak!

6) Don’t forget to snip and remove the butchers twine, then season with a pinch of flaky sea salt before enjoying with morels and asparagus in this case!

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