Aug 02, 2018Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Admin

Have you ever had the chance to try Elk? One of the iconic large animals of North America, and a staple of the Native American diet, elk is deep, rich red in color and very lean. Elk is best when cooked rare to medium-rare and lightly seasoned to experience the full depth of flavor and nutrition inherent in these majestic creatures.  

Compared to the vast majority of beef, elk spend their entire lives grazing on native grass pastures and forbs, recreating their ancient diet, with a small period of grain finishing in the last 60-90 days. 

Elk is extremely dense in nutrients and low in fat. It has a high amount of protein, zinc, vitamin B12, niacin, and vitamin b6 and iron, while also containing half the amount of calories compared to beef. 

If you’re thinking about trying elk for the first time, we have some great recipes to get you inspired. Ordering from our online store is quick and simple, and your order will arrive via 2 day shipping to ensure freshness. The best way to compare beef to elk is to try it yourself!

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