Aug 02, 2018Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Admin

Sure elk meat is savory, tender and mouth-watering. It’s also lower in fat than beef, pork, chicken and even some seafood, plus it’s rich in key essential nutrients. In fact, since most Americans exceed the recommended daily allowance of fats established by the American Heart Association, elk meat is a healthy, delicious alternative to other meats.

Compared to traditionally raised livestock, elk eat the majority of their diet from native grasses, trees and brush instead of rich grains. This creates very lean, healthful meat for elk steaks and elk jerky.

Preserving the West

Elk are naturally indigenous to the Western grasslands region and have little impact on the ecosystems there because they’ve evolved to co-exist harmoniously. Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company’s elk herds roam ranchland freely and graze on just what they need to grow and thrive.

When you buy elk meat it helps support this sustainable food system and the revival of the natural Western grasslands.

Our Herd – 100% Natural, 100% Raised

Our elk are ranch raised here in the Great American West. When you serve our free-range elk steaks, you can be confident that you’re serving the very best nature has to offer.

All of our elk meat is hand selected and butchered right here in Jackson, Wyoming. Our three-step packaging process ensures freshness from our door to your table. We take great pride in the quality of our cuts. Once you taste them you’ll know why our gourmet elk meats are truly the best you can find.

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