Elk Shank Osso Buco

Osso buco is a beautiful cut. It’s renowned for its rich, deep flavor and tender, succulent texture. As it cooks, the marrow becomes creamy and spoonable, infusing the surrounding meat and cooking liquid with its flavor and richness. This transformation is part of what gives osso buco its signature taste and mouthfeel.

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With a bit of time and patience, this may just be the finest cut of game meat you have ever had. Locked with the shank, or the upper part of the lower leg of the Elk is osso buco, a culinary delicacy that goes back centuries. As a muscle group that works hard and often, the shank is incredibly flavorful, and includes the marrow inside the center of the bone that will add a depth or richness that is hard to believe. A long slow braise in a rich broth with aromatics will free the genie of incredible flavor!

Until now, we haven’t been able to source this cut from Rocky Mountain Elk ranchers. For the first time, you can order Elk Osso Buco while supplies last.


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