Elk Rib Chop - Single

Frenched and fancy. Cut to impress from our exceptional Elk French Rack, these beautiful bone-in Elk Rib Chops are one of a kind. Ultra lean and deep, rich red, these are best seared or grilled at a high temperature for a short period and enjoyed no more than medium rare.

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Did you know that elk is cut very similarly to lamb? We use many of the same techniques, including Frenching.

You’ve seen French chops, but to explain, the simple difference is that we scrape meat off the bone to create that beautiful arc of bone.

It’s a stunning presentation with a medallion of gorgeous, lean, red elk meat at the tip.

Frenching makes Elk Rib Chops look even more elegant.

But looks aren’t everything.

Elk chops are also deeply flavorful. Clean and sweet.

Leaving the bone in adds to the flavor and tenderness. It also aids in even cooking.

That said, don’t overdo it.

Elk is leaner than most red meats, so take care to preserve that tender juiciness.

Quickly sear or grill Elk Rib Chops at a high temperature and enjoy at no more than medium rare (130-140°F).

Feel free to marinate and grill. Or slather Elk Chops in your preferred sauce and sear on high heat to char the exterior around a pinkish-red, tender center.


Recipe Ideas:


To help you get inspired, we’ll share two of our favorite rib recipes.


If you want a simple way to make the flavour of elk shine, try Pan Seared Elk Rib Chops with Garlic and Herb Butter.


It’s perfect for a rainy day that calls for indoor cooking.

(Hot tip: Turn the oven on a little early and bake potatoes to serve on the side.)

If you love where we’re going with elk, butter and herbs, then you’ll also want to try this slight variation: Elk Rib Chops with Rosemary Butter.


No need to turn on your oven for this one. Highly recommend the cast iron pan, though.

Serve buttery chops with a bright salad to offset the richness of the meat and earthiness of herbs.

These recipes and rib chops get rave reviews, like the ones shown below.


Ready to get these chops on your table?

Choose whatever size Elk Chop you like. They come up to 16 oz.


Salivating yet?


These beauties can be yours in a matter of days.


Chops are sold in single chop quantities in the following weight ranges: 6-8 oz, 8-10 oz, 10-12 oz, 21-14 oz, 14-16 oz, 16-18 oz, 18-20 oz, 20-22 oz. Please note we have a $50 minimum order value to ship frozen goods.