Buffalo Short Ribs

Welcome to the wonderful word of the Buffalo Short Rib. Succulent, meaty, and begging to be slow cooked to fall-off-the-bone-tender, short ribs are excellent braised in red wine, grilled over charcoal, in savory stews and more.

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Here’s how they compare to the more commonly consumed back ribs:

Meatiness: Short ribs have significantly more meat on top of the bones. So satisfying!
Fat content: Short ribs have a higher fat content for a rich flavor and tender texture. (However, every cut of bison is relatively lower in fat and higher in healthy fats.)
Slow cooking: Short ribs are ideal for braising, slow roasting, or smoking, which tenderizes the meat and melts the fat. Back ribs are classic BBQ fare.
Sauciness: While back ribs are slathered in sauce, short ribs are often cooked in a liquid, which adds depth and complexity to the flavor. Think wine sauce, rich gravy, or something sweet and savory.

Product comes in a 2pk (1.75-2lbs).


Asian Style Buffalo Short Ribs