Elk Short Ribs

Wild game ribs are the answer if you love ribs but don’t love the high fat of other meats. They’re the virtuous version. Elk short ribs are even more lean than bison. You’ll cook these short ribs in a sauce slowly to melt the fat on the ribs, so it suffuses the meat for an incredibly tender, succulent result.

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Sourced from a co-op of small Rocky Mountain Elk ranches in Southern Utah, the Elk Short Ribs are one-of-a-kind. Cut from the lower, meatier section of the rib cage, Elk Short Ribs have a bit more fat than most Elk cuts, lending themselves well to slow cooking and braising to produce that fall-off-the-bone texture. 

Most people aren’t aware of how rare Rocky Mountain Elk is in America today. Finding ranchers who raise a consistently excellent product is very difficult. It’s no exaggeration to say that the elk we’ve sourced is exquisite.

Available in 2-3lb or 3-4lb packages, with 4 two bone pieces per each.

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