Elk Meat Combo Pack

All the very best of our Elk, from steaks to summer sausage! If you have been wanting to try Elk, but weren't sure where to start, this is the one for you. Fire up the grill or smoker and enjoy some of the world's finest game meat, straight from the heart of the Tetons!

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3-4 types of Elk Steaks, 2 lbs Burger and our house-made 12 oz Original Elk Summer Sausage in one delicious package.

Now you can subscribe to your favorite butcher’s box combo and get it shipped every one, two, or three months. You’ll save 10% each time (which on this Elk Combo Box is $27 per box) and you’re never locked in!

Included in Combo Pack:

1 lb. Elk Tenderloin

1 lb. Elk New York Strip (2 8oz steaks)

1 lb. Elk Italian Sausage (has a kick!)

1 lb. Elk Bratwurst

1 lb. Elk Burger 

12oz Elk Summer Sausage