Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloin

Quite possibly the finest cut of game meat on Earth, the whole Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloin. The most tender cut (hence the name) and only making up 2-3% of the entire animal, this is one of the world's rarest delicacies. Best trimmed, tied, and seared to a perfect rare, this Tenderloin is an absolute show stopper. Whole, untrimmed Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloins, cut from the inner ribcage of the Elk. Ultra tender and highly coveted.

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We have sold elk sourced in New Zealand for years.

You’ve heard me try to describe the magnificent taste of elk. It’s rich, mild, and slightly sweet. There’s a delicate hint of earthiness in the flavor. 
What’s the difference between New Zealand elk and Rocky Mountain elk?
New Zealand elk are descendants of North American elk crossed with Red elk and stand about two-thirds the size of their cousins.

The New Zealanders are well adapted to a life south of the
Equator, while the Rocky Mountain Elk graze here in North America.
The Rocky Mountain Elk aren't far from wild, and you can tell by the taste.
But they're not entirely wild.
Elk ranchers raise them, and the elk ranching community in North America is small and growing smaller. 
Supply and demand come into play, adding to the product's exclusivity—and its price. 
It’s meat for true culinary aficionados—people who want to put their heart and soul into cooking something special.
So, if that sounds like you, or if you have a super special meal on the calendar, introduce Rocky Mountain elk tenderloin to your diners.

I promise it will be an unforgettable experience.