Buffalo Flank Steak

Our Buffalo Flank Steaks are extremely lean and contain almost no fat because they are sliced from the animal's belly. Flank Steaks often referred to as the Bavette or London Broil, are excellent for marinating and go well with strong flavors. Buffalo Flank Steaks feature a distinct grain that you should cut against when serving for the best texture and chew, and are best served grilled over high heat or slowly braised to break down and tenderize the flank.

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The beauty of Buffalo Flank Steak? It’s incredibly lean, with no compromise on flavor. Succulent, juicy, tender… you’ll never miss the fat.

Think of it as a staple protein that feels like an indulgence. One of those rare things in life that satisfies your soul, sets your taste buds alight and isn’t a vice. Plus, it’s versatile.

You can prep Buffalo Flank Steak in so many different ways, it just might become your weekly menu miracle. Fajitas and stir fries are the obvious choice. As the days heat up, add Buffalo Flank Steak to salads and sandwiches.

A little goes a long way to satisfy your cravings. This cut has a rich taste, which you can pump up with any number of marinades. Buffalo Flank Steak loves to soak up dressings of all kinds. Garlic, rosemary, citrus, balsamic, dijon… Or branch out into flavors of soy, lime, cilantro. This cut can handle your creativity.

Try it as prepared in the recipe on the blog, with fresh-as-it-gets salsa. Be sure to sear it quickly on high heat to lock in the incredible juices while preserving that perfect medium-rare tenderness inside.

Slice this flank steak against the grain and serve it up to universal acclaim. This is the cut you’ll turn to when you’ve got a whole crew on hand. Family dinner. Party of friends. Yes, and yes.

It’s also the right cut for any time your inner adult tells you to keep it healthy… but your appetite says, “Ok, only please, not chicken.”

We're offering these individually packaged whole steaks in two weight classes:

Medium: 14 & to 20 ounces

Large: 20 to 26 ounces 


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