Buffalo Summer Sausage

The Jackson Hole Original classic - Seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. Fully cooked and ready to slice and serve with your favorite cheese and crackers. This salami is 100% Rocky Mountain Elk. What a fantastic appetizer! Order in 8oz or 12oz sizes. Handmade in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
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Charcuterie straight from the Teton mountains! Our Summer Sausages, or semi-dry sausages, are hand made with 100% buffalo, the same way we have been since we started out in 1947. Grade A trim is ground and mixed with spices and salts and cooked at low temperature to achieve the perfect balance between flavor, texture and shelf life. Excellent with a cold, crisp beer and a creamy, semi soft cheese, you won't believe how fast these sausages disappear! Available in 8 oz and 12 oz sizes.



Original: our most popular flavor, seasoned with pepper and garlic.

Teton Wilderness: our mildest flavor, seasoned with sage, pepper and a touch of garlic.

Saloon: our most robust flavor, with pepper and citrus.

Be sure to try our house-made Elk Summer Sausage as well!




Vendor: Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat
Type: Buffalo Meat
Size: 8 oz., 12 oz.
Flavor: Original, Teton Wilderness, Saloon
Weight:  8.0 oz