Elk Summer Sausage: Jalapeno Cheddar

A taste of a Jackson Hole summer, wherever you may be. It's the perfect snack, just add crackers! Made with cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos and 100% rocky mountain elk, these summer sausages go great with a cold beer or a nice glass of vino!

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Here’s a pleasant surprise. 

Our Jalapeno Cheddar Elk Summer Sausage was one of our best-selling products in 2023. 

You’ve heard the old saying, “Some products just sell themselves.” In this case, truer words were never spoken. 

There’s just something special about this particular blend of cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, and 100% Rocky Mountain elk. These 12-ounce sausages flew off the shelves. 

That’s actually pretty easy to understand. Its tangy taste is ideal for an appetizer to pair with a cold beer or tall glass of wine. (And with or without the cracker of your choice!) 

One new fan wrote about his first bite. He said he “could almost taste the cottonwood campfire smoke I remember from summer nights up in Jackson Hole.”

Taste our best-selling Jalapeno Cheddar Elk Summer Sausage for yourself

Shipping Notes:

Available in 8 oz and 12 oz sizes.  Summer Sausages must be kept refrigerated or frozen due to their high moisture content.  We ship them on ice via 2-day air service ($39.95 flat rate). Short-distance shipping in the winter months can be discounted (please call or email to inquire). Please note we have a $50 minimum order value to ship frozen goods.     

Also available in Elk Summer Sausage: Original.