Wild Boar Bacon

We guarantee you have never had bacon like this! With a sweet, nutty, intense flavor, this bacon is from humanely harvested, 100% wild Texas feral hogs. High in protein and much leaner than bacon from domestic hogs, it goes great with eggs or on a BLT with fresh tomatoes. Available in a 12oz package, add some to your next order, and let us know what you do with it!

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There are SO many reasons to eat Wild Boar!

Nutrition: Wild boar is a lean and healthy source of protein, with less fat and calories than conventionally raised beef or pork. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, zinc, and iron.

Flavor: Wild boar has a distinct, bold flavor that is often described as nutty or sweet. Wild boars are omnivores and eat a wild foraged diet that includes roots, fruits, nuts, insects, and small animals. This diverse diet can give their meat a unique flavor profile compared to the more uniform diet of commercially-raised pigs.
Sustainability: In many parts of the United States, wild boar is an invasive species and can cause damage to crops and natural habitats. By eating wild boar, people can help control the population and reduce the negative impact on the environment.
Support Local: Eating wild boar supports local and small-scale farmers and hunters, who may rely on the sale of wild boar meat to sustain their livelihoods.