How Does Bison Get It's Unique Flavor?

Jul 13, 2020Emmanuel Eleyae

Ever wonder how Bison gets its unique flavor? With a taste so different than any meat that you might find at the supermarket.

The climate, the type of grasses, access to pasture, soil minerals, fresh air, and the overall quality of the environment all have an effect on the taste of our food. They say we are what we eat, and so are Bison!

Soil nutrients give a subtle flavor to the taste of meat, especially when it comes to grass-fed meat. Even the types of grasses and plants an animals consume ultimately affect the taste of the meat. Each of those plants imparts a different flavor characteristic to the meat harvested from animals grazing pastures or rangelands. Those that dine on grasses that are sweeter in nature will have a slightly sweeter flavor to their meat whereas bison raised in an area where the native grasses are more bitter, may not taste as sweet.

Sales of bison meat have steadily climbed for the past two decades because of three factors: great taste, nutritional attributes, and environmental sustainability.

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