Sweet & Savory Smoked Bison Back Ribs

Apr 19, 2024Courtney Johnston

Introduce your taste buds to a hearty adventure with our Smoked Bison Ribs recipe. Beginning with a simple yet flavorful dry rub, each rib is coated generously, enhancing its natural richness. Through a gentle two-hour smoke, the bison meat absorbs the flavours of the grill, developing a tender texture while preserving its earthy taste. After that, wrapped snugly in foil and bathed in beer, the ribs are returned to the grill for an additional two hours, where the bison meat tenderizes to perfection, intensifying their savory character. A final step is a baste with your preferred BBQ sauce adds a sweet and tangy note, complementing the bison's bold flavor profile without overwhelming it.


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