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A Jackson Hole, Wyoming Tradition

We've been committed to the craft of raising high-quality, responsibly-raised buffalo and elk meat for over seventy years

Santa Maria-Style Tri-Tip

The Santa Maria-Style Tri-Tip barbecue of Northern California is this week's inspiration for our wood-grilled Buffalo Tri-Tip recipe. With a garlicky overnight marinade, simple spice rub and slow, indirect grilling over wood coals (Oak is the traditional wood used, so we added some oak wine barrel scraps to our mesquite coals for another layer of smoke flavor!), you’ll have yourself a perfect summertime barbecue meal 🔥 Serves: 6 Garlic Marinade 1 @jhbuffalomeatco Buffalo Tri-Tip (2-3# avg.) 3 Tbsp good olive oil 1 head of garlic cloves, smashed with skins on 1 Tbsp flakey sea salt 1 Tbsp of your favorite...

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Simple Marinade

We don’t always marinate our steaks, but when we do, we like to use this simple and delicious marinade that will add another layer of flavor to your next grilled @jhbuffalomeatco bison and elk steak, like this 12oz Elk T-Bone. This amount will be enough to lightly marinate two steaks. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled to accommodate more or larger steaks!   Ingredients: 2 Tbsp good extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 6 garlic cloves few sprigs of fresh rosemary couple turns of fresh cracked black pepper Combine all the above ingredients and add your...

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Dry Rubbed & Smoked Buffalo Ribs

We fired up the smoker, dry rubbed some of our buffalo ribs, and wrapped ‘em in foil. We then tucked them in for the night at 225-250℉ for 6 hours and woke to these beautifully tender and smokey back ribs! These are great right out of the smoker or charred-up on the grill and slathered with your favorite bbq sauce.🔥 *Serves 2 1 package (3-4#) JHBMCo. Buffalo Ribs 1 Tbsp kosher salt 1 Tbsp brown sugar 1 Tbsp chili powder 2 tsp chipotle chili, ground 2 tsp black pepper, ground** you can easily substitute any of your favorite spice rub...

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