Buffalo Bistro Filet

Traditionally known as the 'petite tender' or 'shoulder tender,' this cut resembles a petite buffalo tenderloin. It's like a weeknight filet mignon. Surprisingly, Bison Teres Major is priced to make any weeknight dinner feel like a celebration.

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The Bistro Filet, also known as the shoulder tender or teres major, is an uncommon cut coveted by foodies and butchers for its tenderness and robust flavor. Comparable only to the tenderloin and ribeye in tenderness, it boasts a more nuanced taste due to its higher muscle activity within the shoulder of the Bison.


Why's it special?

  1. Texture & Taste: Teres Major ranks as the third most tender cut on the bison. It delivers a truly melt-in-your-mouth experience. Hence the sometimes-moniker of “poor man’s filet mignon." But have no doubt, it’s a very convincing alternative.
  2. Perfect Presentation: Teres Major is too petite for full filets, you can serve it thin-sliced as medallions. It's the ideal date-night steak for the perfect portions.
  3. Quick to Cook: Got 35 minutes? That's all you need for a steakhouse-quality meal. Spend 20 minutes cooking, but here's the magic: let it rest for 15. Because this cut is 3x juicier than your average steak, that resting period lets all the moisture reabsorb, ensuring every bite is juicy and flavorful.


To prepare this best-of-both-worlds steak, season simply (consider a dry brine) and cook it quickly and at high heat to a medium-rare temperature for the best texture. Allow ample resting time before slicing against the grain. This outstanding steak won't disappoint!  Check out this post for some expert-level cooking guidance on this unique buffalo bistro filet cut with fat-fried potatoes and parsley verde


This cut is about the size of a pork tenderloin and comes individually packaged.  Available in the following weights: 8-10 oz, 10-12 oz, 12-14 oz, 14-16 oz.