Buffalo Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak

Special occasion? Your guests will gasp when you open the grill. Try the Gucci of steaks. A thickly cut, bone-in ribeye, dry-aged for 28 days, bringing out incredible texture and depth of flavor. Available in very limited quantities, these are the pinnacle of the art of meat. Since only a few Buffalo Prime Ribs make the cut to become Dry Aged Buffalo Tomahawks, it would be very difficult to find a more show-stopping cut of meat than this.

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Each Buffalo Tomahawk is 24-26ozs on average and is sold individually.


Even if you have a local wild meat butcher or a high-end specialty grocer in town, chances are you’ve never seen these.

We’ve been in the farm-to-table scene for a long time, and we know bison ranchers from across the country.

Even so, in our experience, a thick-cut Dry Aged Tomahawk Bison Steak is a rarity.

It’s the peak achievement of bison butchery—the Gucci of steaks.

What makes Dry-Aged Tomahawk Bison Steak so exceptional?

Two traits: A distinctive cut and meticulous preparation.

A "tomahawk" is a bone-in ribeye where the bone is left long and frenched for presentation, resembling its namesake axe.

We french these steaks because the look on the grill or table is spectacular. Yet achieving this cut is only possible with select—and scarce—bison prime ribs.

Following the careful cut, these ribeyes then undergo a meticulous dry-ageing process for a full 28 days.

Dry ageing transforms a rare steak into an extraordinarily rare one.

During the four weeks of dry ageing under precise conditions, the steak's moisture evaporates, and natural enzymes break down the muscle tissue.

Dry ageing is costly because time is a luxury.

The result is worth every day of waiting. Dry ageing concentrates the deep, umami flavor.

The texture becomes denser—you’ll notice a firm tenderness that’s unique to this particular preparation.

We cut these thick so you can sink your teeth into ribeyes of up to three-inches.
Cut from select bison prime ribs and expertly aged for 28 days, this steak delivers a peak meat experience.

This is a bucket list steak.

If you’re having friends and family over this summer and looking for something to impress, bison tomahawks are just the thing.

One 24-26 ounce thick-cut steak satisfies two to four people.

If the price gives you pause, keep that in mind. Every ounce is incredibly intense, so even the most committed carnivore will find less is far, far more.

Of course, preparation is everything.

That’s why we're sharing tips on the ideal methods for cooking your tomahawks.

First, there’s the two-zone grill technique.

With this dual-zone heat configuration, one side of the grill is hot, while the other side remains fireless.

This two-zone approach allows you to develop a beautiful, caramelized crust on the hotter side before transferring the steak to the cooler side.

Finishing with indirect heat is key for thicker cuts like our bison tomahawk. You can get the perfect internal temperature without overcooking.

Given the lean nature of bison meat, we suggest serving the steak between rare and medium rare.

This maximizes the steak's inherent flavor and succulence.

Do keep a close eye on your steak during this process. You want your grilling method to be just as perfect as our preparation of the raw meat.

Find a few more key tips here. Also, keep in mind that cooking from frozen works especially well with thick steaks.


Why do we dry age these bone-in ribeyes?

Like ageing a fine wine, ageing a fine steak enhances the inherent merits of the meat.

Dry ageing is a traditional method for preserving and improving meat that’s now recognized in foodie circles as a mark of quality and craftsmanship.

No doubt, the earliest residents of the Teton Mountains dry-aged their meats during the long winters.

Today, it involves resting the meat in a controlled, refrigerated, open-air environment for a period of time. In the case of Dry Aged Buffalo New York Strip Steaks, that period is 28 days—the length we’ve deemed ideal for this cut of bison.

Properly dry-ageing steak requires careful control of moisture. It’s a craft and an advanced culinary tradition we’ve refined over decades at Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.

It’s also a costly process.

Dry-aged bison steaks lose weight due to evaporation, which means we have to start with a larger piece of meat. Also, after the dry ageing, we trim and discard the outer layer.

However, we think you’ll agree it’s worth it. Here's why:

1. Flavor Enhancement: Dry-aging evaporates moisture, concentrating the bison flavor, so it’s more intense.

2. Tenderness: As the steak ages, natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle fibers and connective tissues, yielding a more tender steak.

3. Unique Taste: Dry ageing enhances the umami flavor of bison. The result is nutty, buttery, earthy, or comparable to a high-end blue cheese. This distinct flavor profile is highly prized.

Buffalo Dry Aged New York Steak is for you if you love an intense, complex flavor profile paired with a tender texture.

Try preparing it using the sous vide method

Or try using our reverse sear method

A cut of meat such as this deserves the utmost care and consideration in preparation, so we recommend you take a look at some of our blog posts linked above on the best ways to cook and enjoy your Buffalo Tomahawk Steaks.


If you have any questions about Buffalo Dry Aged Tomahawk Steaks (or any other product), drop us a line.   


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