Summertime Grill Tip: Two-Zone Fire

Jul 01, 2021Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Admin

There’s going to be a lot of grilling going on this summer and we wanted to share our number one grill tip to help you achieve that perfectly cooked @jhbuffalomeatco elk or buffalo steak… The Two-Zone Fire🔥



Whether cooking over live coals or using a gas grill, having one side of your grill pre-heated and HOT, and the other side without fire allows for the most versatility when wanting to get a good charred and caramelized crust on your steak and also being able to move it to the other side of the grill to control flare-ups or overcooking and burning.



The indirect heat from the cool side will allow you to finish cooking thicker cuts of meat, like this 12oz. Elk T-Bone, without the potential for burning that can, and very likely will occur over the direct, high heat.

Because elk and bison meat is so lean, and our recommended serving temperature for steaks is rare to medium rare for retaining maximum flavor and juiciness, we always recommend getting a very hot bed of coals quite close to the grill grates so that the meat cooks quickly and doesn’t dry out! Closely watching your steaks at this point is key, and having a little squirt bottle to spritz the flames down is always a good idea too!



So give the Two-Zone fire a try this weekend and tag us in all of your @jhbuffalomeatco backyard barbecue pics!


Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July weekend and enjoys a little time around the grill with family and friends 🔥

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