Buffalo Breakfast Sausage

Dig into this big game breakfast with Buffalo Breakfast Sausage - almost as good as waking up in a cozy lodge with a view of the Tetons. This expertly house-crafted product is made from 100% buffalo meat and is perfect for a delicious and satisfying breakfast before a day on the river or hiking your favorite peak.

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Bison isn't just for dinner!

Now you can wake up to the robust flavor of the Rockies when you upgrade your breakfast with buffalo breakfast sausages.

These morsels of meaty goodness are made with 100% pure buffalo (zero fillers) and house-crafted here in Jackson Hole.

You can tell the difference from a glance at the robust reddy-pink color — a telltale sign that these are packed with dense, lean protein. (Contrast this with the usual beige or grey of sausages made from filler and fat.)

They cook up golden, lightly seasoned with a blend of spices that lets the beautiful taste of bison shine through.

Each package is 8 oz. Opt for a 2-pack, 4-pack, or our 8-pack bison and elk mixed selection to keep your freezer stocked with this delicious alternative to traditional breakfast meats. Can’t decide between bison and elk breakfast sausage? Try both in the 8-pack mixed option.

Say yes to a better breakfast and get these on your griddle!

Make it a “Teton Sunrise”.

Breakfast incomplete without bacon? We’ve got you!

Add Applewood Smoked Bacon or Wild Boar Bacon to your menu.

Pair your choice of breakfast sausages and bacon with eggs and you’ve got yourself what we like to call a “Teton sunrise” breakfast.