Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Dry Aged NY Strip (16-18 oz Single)

The ultimate steakhouse specialty, also known as a Kansas City Strip or Ambassador steak, was made world famous in the steakhouses of New York City. The whole striploin of buffalo is cut into individual New York Strips after being dry-aged for 28 days in a moisture and temperature-controlled environment, just waiting to say hello to your grill or cast iron. The concentrated, profound flavor and texture of these steaks are truly a unique culinary experience.
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Buffalo Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak

What can we even say about a thing of such absolute beauty? A thickly cut, bone-in ribeye, dry-aged for 28 days, bringing out incredible texture and depth of flavor. Available in very limited quantities, these are the pinnacle of the art of meat. Since only a few Buffalo Prime Ribs make the cut to become Dry Aged Buffalo Tomahawks, it would be very difficult to find a more show-stopping cut of meat than this.