Jackson Hole Picnic Pack

Perfect mountains, perfect day. Here's your perfect gourmet meat and cheese picnic basket all packed up in a gift box! Includes hand-crafted summer sausages and jerky, organic cheese, artisan mustards and more. Send some to someone you love today.

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Jackson Hole Picnic Pack is the perfect gourmet meat and cheese basket that contains the following:

12 oz Original Buffalo Summer Sausage

12 oz Elk Cheddar Jalapeño Summer Sausage

3 oz Elk Jerky

3 oz Buffalo Jerky

1 jar of gourmet mustard 

8 oz award-winning white cheddar cheese

1 box Persephone Wild West Animal Grahams

Jackson Hole Cowbelle napkins

Gift boxes must be refrigerated upon receipt. We can include a handwritten holiday note and get it to them in 3 days or less, just in time for the holidays. Sausage flavors may change based on availability.

Have you ever found something so good, so unique that it makes you want to share it with everyone you know? Well, we did, and we reconfigured our holiday gift packages specifically to include this incredible treat!

We first found these animal grahams at our favorite local coffee shop and bakery, Picnic.

Locally made in small batches by the geniuses behind Picnic and her sister restaurant Persephone, we can’t even store these tasty treats at the shop because we eat too many!

Crafted into iconic wild animal shapes like buffalo, elk and trout, these not-too-sweet treats are truly one of a kind.