Jackson Hole Family Pack

We call this one the "Family Pack" as it's our go-to when we need a quick gift for a family member or friend. Who doesn't love summer sausage and jerky? And you'll definitely get a 'thank you' when they try the huckleberry chocolates from Jackson's own chef Oscar Ortega.

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To celebrate the holidays, and families everywhere, order the very best handmade game meat treats and chocolates from right here in the mountains of Wyoming!


This gourmet meat gift basket includes the following:


8 oz Jackson Hole Buffalo Summer Sausage

8 oz Buffalo Teton Summer Sausage

1.5 oz Buffalo Jerky

1.5 oz Buffalo Jerky Sticks

Atelier Ortega Artisan Huckleberry Chocolates

1 jar Gourmet Mustard


This meat gift basket can be delivered to a family member.    

Gift boxes must be refrigerated upon arrival.