What is a Huckleberry and what do they taste like?

Apr 10, 2020Eleyae Systems Collaborator

Huckleberries grow wild on subalpine slopes, forests, bogs and lake basins of the northwestern United States and western Canada. Huckleberries were traditionally collected by Native Americans along the Pacific Coast and the Rocky Mountains for use as food or traditional medicine. 

The berries are small and round and look like large dark blueberries. Attempts to cultivate huckleberry plants from seeds have failed, with plants devoid of fruits, and as such must be foraged for and harvested in the wild. The berries ripen in mid to late summer, often reaching their peak in August, depending on variety, location, and growing conditions.  They are harvested in competition with bears, birds, coyotes, and deer. 

In taste, they may be tart, with a flavor similar to that of a blueberry, with a hint of wildness. The fruit is versatile and shines in our jams, syrups, chocolates and BBQ sauce. Let us send you a taste of Jackson Hole with our Unique selection of Huckleberry products!

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