Buffalo & Elk Big Game Butcher's Box

Some of our most popular Buffalo & Elk cuts all in one place! This combo includes 2 incredibly flavorful Buffalo Sirloin Steaks, 1 whole Elk Tenderloin, 3 Buffalo Burgers, 3 Elk Burgers, 1 of our Original Elk Summer Sausages, and one each of our 1.5oz Buffalo and Elk Jerky Sticks.

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With a little of everything, this box features steaks, burgers, sausages and jerky, sure to please the bold and adventurous eaters in your life! Shipped directly to your door with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, just like we’ve been doing since 1947!

All are cut and packaged by hand right here in Jackson Hole, just like they have been for the last 75 years. Packaged as individual cuts, and express shipped with dry ice.

Now you can subscribe to your favorite butcher’s box combo and get it shipped every one, two, or three months. You’ll save 10% each time (which on this Big Game Box is $21 per box) and you’re never locked in!

This Box Contains: 


Lean, beautiful and incredibly flavorful, these cuts are best seared quickly over high heat, then allowed to rest for AT LEAST 5 minutes. See some of our favorite recipes and techniques for the Buffalo & Elk Big Game Combo here:

Two-Zone Grilling Method

Sous Vide Cooking Method

Elk Tenderloin with Prosciutto Mushrooms Recipe


Let us send you the finest game meats in the world right to your kitchen, backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!