Buffalo Sirloin Steak

The love child of a filet and a roast, this steak is an unsung hero. The sirloin is a unique combination of flavor and texture and is cut from the lower portion of the shortloin, which also offers the T-Bone, tenderloin, and NY Strip.

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Hand-cut 8 oz steaks, individually sealed. Order in quantities of 2, 4 or 8. 

Here are three indisputable reasons why the bison sirloin is the unsung hero of the steak world:

1. Value for Flavor

Sirloin isn’t pricey relative to other steaks, but it delivers a robust, meaty flavor that will satisfy your inner carnivore.

A customer for over 15 years was in the habit of ordering NY strips, Joan, called us to get our advice on another option, tried sirloins and never looked back. She and her husband love the flavor and value. They order every month.

2. Lean & Healthy

That flavor belies the leanness of this cut. (Especially when it’s from bison.) You can feel virtuous indulging in bison sirloin.

We have one customer who orders 28 sirloins at a time. Anne and her family switched to bison to reduce cholesterol, and sirloin is their go-to.

Just remember that because it’s so lean, you do want to avoid overcooking. Sear yours fast over high heat in a cast iron skillet to seal in the juices.

3. Firm Yet Tender

The texture is firm yet tender, and we pre-tenderize our bison sirloins in-house.

Anyone who has said their sirloin was tough almost certainly overcooked a poor cut.

Enjoy Buffalo Sirloin Steak with these recipes:

Sirloin Tartare

Abodo Buffalo Sirloin

Soy and Ginger Marinated Buffalo Sirloin with Broccoli 

Pan-Seared Buffalo Sirloin Steak

We enjoy our sirloin seared quickly and hotly in a cast iron pan with fresh herbs and butter spooned over it as it cooks.

Alternatively, it's wonderful on the grill, in a stir-fry or sliced over a salad.