Buffalo Back Ribs

Ribs. RIBS. Seriously, is there anything better to eat with your hands, the crisp bark cracking under your fingertips as you gnaw on the bone like an ancient hunter-gatherer? We don't think so, and we don't think you will find any ribs more amazing than these Buffalo Back Ribs. Leaner than pork or beef ribs, with an amazing, primordial meaty flavor, these one of a kind Buffalo Back Ribs will blow the minds of BBQ fanatics and novices alike!

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These lean, richly meaty ribs will be sure to steal the show. Which means you can stress less about sides when you serve up these spectacular racks.

And nothing could be more American. Imagine dishing out beautifully charred, glistening ribs, their smoky aroma wafting from the grill…When your guests say they’ve never had anything like it, you casually mention, “It’s buffalo from a special little shop in Jackson Hole. Ordered for the celebration.”

Casually impressive, these ribs. Just because you’re eating with your hands doesn’t mean you lower your standards. For your convenience, we've shared some recipe ideas below. There are plenty of ways to make these ribs absolutely perfect.

Customers write in to tell us their favorite methods (see reviews below). The best part about rib prep is that it’s mostly hands-off, so you don’t have to slave in the kitchen. Yet the results belie the effort. Prepare to be amazed.

Available in:  2-3 lb, 3-4 lb, 4-5 lb, 5-6 lb and 6-7 lb racks. Racks are split in half for ease of shipping, and please don't forget to remove the membrane (also called the peritoneum) before cooking, see here for instructions.

Bison Ribs Recipes:

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