Elk Burger

Want to impress your friends when you fire up the grill? Elk burgers are a game-changer. Lean, flavorful, healthy and way more fun than boring beef. We grind our elk trim in-house at our shop in Jackson, seal them up in 1 pound bags and ship them straight to your door.

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From the owner, Chris O'Blenness:

Do you know the taste of elk?

It’s one of my oldest memories.

I grew up eating elk because my dad and grandfather used to hunt here in Jackson Hole.

Wild elk are the most incredible creatures. They live on hillsides, and come down from the highlands in winter for the grasses under the snow.

Elk have been migrating across this land for thousands of years.

You can taste the clean sweetness of the grasses in the flavor of elk. It’s a taste of this place. As native to this place as it gets.

Growing up we often had elk on the BBQ, and elk burgers are among my favorite things to eat.

We make all-natural elk burgers every day at the shop.  

Not into burgers? How about elk bolognese? Elk meatballs? Chili? Elk kafta kebabs? You get the idea.  

Try them and tell me if you love elk burgers as much as these customers (see our customer reviews below in real-time).

Available in 1lb packs: bulk (unformed) or patties (3 patties to 1lb). Order in quantities of 2, 5 or 10 lbs. Please note we have a $50 minimum order value to ship frozen goods.   

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